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To Equip All To Carry Out The Great Commission

The HOPE Center is not about church politics nor the traditions of man that are unbiblical, but about empowering all lives for the Glory of God. Our mission is to minister to the whole man...mind body and spirit. We believe that everyone was placed on this earth for a purpose. We want to help you find out what your calling is, and then give you all of the tools necessary to help you carry out the vision that God has given you. We understand that this is how the kingdom of God will is through letting your God-given light shine!

The HOPE Center offers hope to the hopeless, by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a very tangible way. It is done by endeavoring to meet the natural and spiritual needs of those who need it. We believe in empowering people, and wholeheartedly stand by what Jesus said when he told Peter “When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.”  We fully believe that we are more than conquerors and are supposed to reign in life. That is part of what the abundant life is all about. However, the main aspect of having an abundant life is to live a life free from the penalty of sin. This can only be accomplished through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, which will work on your behalf once you make Him your Lord and Savior.

In a nutshell, we equip you to start your own ministry, should you choose to do so. 

  • Congregational and Multicultural Praise N Worship

  • Missional Evangelism

  • Ministerial Classes and Licensing

  • Personal Biblical Confessions and Declarations

  • Community Outreach for the lost and less fortunate

  • Biblical Counseling

  • Men's, Women's, and Youth Ministries

  • Faithful Expository Preaching and Teaching

  • Jail and Prison Ministry

  • Online Bible College and Free Bookstore

  • Weddings and Funerals

  • Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

  • Orphan and Widows Ministry

  • Intercessory Prayer

  • Weekly Baptisms as needed

  • Prophetic Activations and Commissioning

  • Recreation for families and singles

The HOPE Center Provides...

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